Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I am lying on my bed wondering why I ate so much. OHH..my tummy hurts...so not a good feeling. And I'm about to go out for bubble tea. This is after having a red bean slush for lunch today. I feel sick thinking about it.

With no one around to make sure I eat properly (kinda what happens when you move out of home), I have the most randomest things at the most randomest hours. You know, cereal at 3am when I can't sleep or having dessert for dinner. That kinda thing. Seriously, I think I'm doing my body a huge disfavour. Its time to shape up. No more JUNK!

Let's see how long this phase will last for =)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dream Culture

Does anyone remember the song Learn Chinese by MC Jin? Well, think back to 2001...perhaps this might remind some people:

Ya'll gonna learn Chinese
Ya'll gonna learn Chinese
Ya'll gonna learn Chinese
When the pumps come out, ya'll gon' speak Chinese

Quite the chorus hey...and here is the link to the videoclip.


Anyway, I'm sharing this because I was recently at a Dream Culture Conference where MC Jin was a guest speaker. It was inspiring to listen to him share his life story. At the young age of 19, he was at the peak of his career, he had the world in his hands - girls, cars, money, fame. However, shortly after his album was released, the media called it 'a flop' and everything he worked so hard for pretty much vanished right in front of him. His life fell in a downward spiral before hitting rock bottom. He was not a happy chappy.

Fast forward a couple of years later, he went through an amazing journey of transformation and standing in front of me two nights ago was someone who appeared to have everything. Someone so content with his life and his new wife; he could confidently say he found his sweet spot. It was really fun listening to his story along with the other performances during the three day conference.

The one and only MC Jin
Speaking to the crowds

The conference bought a lot more than just inspiring stories and awesome performances. It touched me on a personal level and provided answers on things I have been dwelling on for a while now...this will definitely influence my decision on where I am heading =)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pizza Party

Oh so yummy.

Its pizza party time at HoA.

Making the dough from scratch

The yeast is starting to activate

Super bubbly

Mixing flour and italian herbs

More flour

Starting to get into form

Time to flex the muscles and knead

Perfect little ball

Doubled in size after just one hour

I just love the set up of our kitchen, really works well in parties

Rolling out the dough

Start making it kids!

Toppings overload

Wow..these tasted amazing

Some delicious looking pizzas

After like 15 pizzas...this is all that is left. 

Hmmm..So hungry after posting these photos, just gotta wait for dinner now. We're making burgers with the bbq in the backyard. Finally bbq weather baby! The weather has been amazing today so I took the opportunity to explore the neighbourhood further than the few blocks I am familiar with. And no, I didn't get lost and catch the skytrain home this time. True story.

I discovered Central Park which is like a 15 min jog from my place. Its a 90 hectare urban park in the middle of a busy city but once you walk in, it feels like you're miles and miles away from civilization. There are like hiking trails, a lake, a golf course, tennis courts, outdoor swimming pool and so much more. Sounds like I'm advertising the place hey but seriously its so awesome. I am going to go there more often over the summer.

Anyway, burgers are ready now. Dinner looks delicious...thank you Sarah!!

DIY Burgers

Zana's ketchup burgers

My burger

Oh yeah..it taste as good as it looks.
Wow...amazing food all night long. Love it.