Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Can't get enough of the US of A

More more more!!

Yesterday we went for a mini grocery shopping trip to the States..again. I think they are beginning to recognise me at the border now =P

Although I don't have a Canadian/American Nexus pass that will allow me to avoid the long line ups at the border...I am pretty much unrestricted on the goods I bring back because I'm non-Canadian. YAY, one point to me!! Apparently, the duty laws are less stringent for foreigners. Found that out yesterday - no duty on booze or tobacco! Not that I buy either of those but hey, just putting it out there..take me along if you wanna get that coz my passport allows it ;)

So we went had lunch at Lorenzo's where you can get a MASSIVE mexican meal for like less than $6 including unlimited corn chips with salsa. I was soooooooo super full after this:

I think that was Enchiladas..under all that sauce, rice and beans

Lina's three egg meal..all done!

Can't believe we still managed to have Churros

After a heavy lunch, it was time to go grocery shopping to walk off what we ate...first we hit up Target, then Grocery Outlet then finished off the day at Cost Cutters.

Three cartons for $10! Bargain!

Random things for $1

Aisles and aisles of candy
Even more aisles of Valentine's Day goodies
Too many to choose from
I don't even remember how long we spent just in this aisle

I went for the small one at first, then saw the jumbo size one for $3!
Our shopping cart just getting filled by the minute

Lookie that Balderdash I see..

Look what I found!

Me =)

Abusing the trunk space of our car
Trying to shove all the groceries to the back

For there is more to come..

Over flowing..this was only like 3 hours worth of shopping

Well done team!
That was a super fun mini epic adventure of buying groceries for tonight's Mexican potluck. Every time I go there with nothing in mind to buy, I still manage to come back with something. At least it wasn't a bridesmaid dress this time (yes, somehow I managed that the last time I went back which was less than a week ago)

But I can't resist a sale and when I saw bread for 80cents, I had to buy three loaves...only to come and find that one of my roomies had already gone out to buy our freezer is full of bread.

Guess what we'll be having over the next few weeks..

Friday, January 21, 2011

The land of abundance

Yep...I'm talking about America.

Everything there is super sized and super cheap. Where else can you get a pair of Levi' for $14?! Or buffets for less than $10...and they wonder why Americans have an obesity problem. The size of a 'small' soft drink is probably a regular size in Canada. But hey, I'm not complaining - I'm there to indulge then complain about how full I feel after.

Ice cream tubs...I don't think that would even fit in my freezer

Biggest drumstick EVERRRRRR

MmmMmm..Cheetos from Target

Ribs..this dish also came with a big cornbread muffin

This is how big it is compared to me

Gigantic sandwich - this whole dish was less than $10

Good job..btw it wasn't me who ate it..

Lemon brulee..super rich
And super gone

Trying to eat the chocolate that is considered ONE slice
 That slice of chocolate cake is called Chocolate Motherlode cake and made it on food network as one of America's "Top 5 Most Decadent Desserts"...Am I glad we did not order that. Otherwise I think I'll have to roll to the car.

I guess that is why that have a valet right outside the restaurant ;)

Friday, January 14, 2011

KYROS Event Specialists

YAY! We just got our business name approved step closer now =)

So I've had people ask me where that name comes from and what the significance of it is. Our name Kyros is derived from the greek word Kairos which is roughly translated as 'the right moment'. Time is such a complex matter that the Greek had two terms to describe it, Kairos and Chronos. Chronos time is what the world runs by; its a quantitative measure we can tell by looking at the hands of a clock. It is what we schedule our lives by - deadlines, appointments, meetings etc.

Kairos is that moment in time, where chronos time suspends itself - it can not be measured.  It is a particular moment, out of all the ordinary moments in time that has the capability to forever change the outcome of time itself. Kairos is the moment of decision, the moment of action, the moment of change. I'm sure we all remember a time where we can vividly recall every thought running through our mind, every emotion we felt, every scent we smell, every colour we see, every sounds we hear, every touch we feel...

Having a child

Fulfilling a dream

Falling in love

These momentous events are memories that are forever etched in our minds and hearts, adding to the fullness of our lives. As event planners, we want to capture the essence of these moments and serve our clients by creating that with them.

What an honour it is to have the ability to play that part in someone's life.

So there is the story behind our name. Now its time to think of a logo, symbol, icon that will capture that..there is still a lot of work ahead but I'm excited as to what is to come =)

Monday, January 10, 2011

It's Party Time!!!

Once again its party time at HoA....YAY!! (Maybe not YAY for our neighbours)

Joel and I organised a Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party which took forever to plan and execute but it was definitely worth why did it take so long...lets see:

1) We turned the living room into a nightclub. The walls were all blocked off and blacked out then we installed a fog machine, LED lights and the biggest speakers I've ever seen.

2) We turned the dining room into the Mad Hatters room filled with awesome food

3) We turned the family room into a Queen of Hearts room with Alice in Wonderland playing on the flatscreen..but somehow that turned into people playing kinect during the night

4) We turned our entrance into a 'journey down the rabbit hole' theme

Let me walk you through the process =)

The plan
The props
Making fake windows and walls
Our big black wall
Trying to get the wall up

Making a tunnel from the entrance to the mad hatters table
Setting up the Mad Hatters table
Working til the break of dawn..yay, its coming together!
The queen of Hearts room
Queen of Hearts throne...occupied by Chopper
The crazy amount of balloons were blew and tied to the ceiling
A much needed cappucino..thank you Marie and Eleanor!

After finishing most of the major reconstruction of the house, it was now time prepare the props and food...

Heart shaped candy

Yes, that's a real axe on the table
A stack of mad hatters hat
What time is it? Tea time!
The sign speaks for itself

Directions for the lost

Now time to get the parrrttyyyyyyyy started!!

Welcome everyone..

Giving the speech for best dressed!

Our nightclub...can't see a thing
With flash..still foggy. At least we know the fog machine works.
Rippin' up the dance floor

Planned and executed by yours truly...

After all the intense preparation and work, it was good times all round. Everyone enjoyed the night with minimal disruptions..apparently you could hear the music from two blocks away, but luckily there were no noise complaints from the neighbors =)

But we didn't host this party just to celebrate our birthdays...Joel and I had a surprise announcement to make...

We are starting our own Events Specialist business 

KYROS Events Specialist

What we're about

"KYROS, established in Vancouver, British Columbia is a full-service event planning company that provides complete planning, consulting, and supervision for both corporate and social events. We provide our clients with spectacular events through creativity and innovation based on individual tastes and preferences. Whether the event is corporate or social, KYROS incorporates theme, design layout, event format, and d├ęcor with the ultimate goal of making your event a unique and memorable experience."

So spread the word boys and girls...because we'll be ripping up a storm in the Events Management industry!!!!!!