Thursday, March 31, 2011


I finally found a bunch of videos on my camera...somehow it was hidden and after I deleted all my photos, it became unhidden. Magic! It felt good to reminiscence because I completely forgot all about them.

And I want to quickly thank my friends for getting this Ling proof camera, you have no idea what its been through. It has fallen out of my bag, fallen down the stairs, had water spilled on it, and not to mention food as well. Too bad its not scratch proof...but it still works so its all good!! =D

Anyway, here are some of the videos. Most of them are scenic, nothing controversial =P

My first time snowboarding..its harder than it looks! I can't believe how slow I'm going..felt like it was 100 km/hr.

Views from the balcony of our Whistler cabin overlooking a frozen lake. Gorgeous white snow.

Views of the ocean and mountain from Kitsilano. Look at the clouds hanging over the mountains. Straight out of a postcard.

Views from Stanley Park.

That is all for now..unless more videos magically appear on my camera.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

What brings me joy

- When its 7pm and the sun is still out
- When the sun is out full stop
- When I skype my family and friends in Australia
- When I start listening to their accent instead of what they're saying and begin wonder whether I sound like them
- When I get to sleep in
- When I play board games and win
- When I order a good bubble tea flavour (taro with red beans)
- When I have ice cream
- When I wake up and see snow outside
- When I play the dance kinect
- When I have random road trips to the State

- When I talk in the Sterling accent
- When Zana gives me a hug in the morning for no reason
- When Amy cooks spicy korean food
- When Sarah fills the house with the smell of freshly baked bread
- When Marie invites me to join her on road trips
- When Eleanor goes retail therapying with me
- When Shirley asks me about my day
- When Ying watches Glee marathons with me until I fall asleep on her couch
- When Kris and Joan hosts potluck at their place
- When Dave shows me the Father's heart
- When Clara shares her stories with me
- When I play volleyball until I get bruises on my arm
- When I make sandwiches for the homeless
- When we have parties at HoA
- When I see the mountains every day
- When I watch my friends succeed
- When I receive a letter from my Compassion child
- When I receive letters/postcards/parcels from family and friends back at home
- When I know there is no where else I'd rather be

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Going back to the land of abundance, to fill the trunk with abundance. Seriously, half my posts are about road trips to the States.

Three different passports..which one is the best (Hint: The first one)
Every time I go to the States, I would always eat fast food. No wonder America has an obesity problem, its cheaper and more convenient to eat out than to buy fresh produce.

$1 Refillable ice tea

Fish burger that actually tasted good

Super sized chip packets

The longest curly fry ever
But I don't go there just to fill myself with salt, fat and sugar. The scenery itself is totally worth the trip down.

A little bit of sun rays..I'll take what I can!

Ugly patch of grey cloud
Despite all the awesomeness the States has to offer, its the company that makes the trip a good one.

Yes, we really used this cart to hold our groceries

Can't take them out anywhere...

Hehehe..we're just as bad

I shrunk...look even the yoghurt is miniature
I really wanted to buy this helmet. I think its for kids though.

Speaking of kids items, I have to buy clothes from the junior section of the store..and not only that, I fit into a small! So what about small kids? What would they wear? Oh the dilemma!

It's like the opposite in Asia where small really means small. I think they really should have a uniform international sizing system for clothes. That would make my world a little bit easier =)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tragedy in Japan

So sucks.

An earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale hit Japan on March, 11th 2011.

No doubt that the aftermath of this tragedy is devastating but what comes out of great catastrophes reveals the raw human instinct to survive. Thoughts from 'Should I get starbucks today?' turn to 'When will I get my next supply of clean water?' Worries about interest rates rising, the stock market falling, fuel prices increasing change to what can I eat, what will I drink, when can I shower?

For me, the most interesting observation that has come out of this natural disaster, was the reaction of the Japanese people. No looting, no stealing, no shooting - none of this 'every man for themselves' mentality. Why? I don't know, I'm no expert in this field but I'm sure it might have something to do with the culture they were raised in and what is expected of them. Looking out for the best interest of the group rather than themselves.

Imagine how different the world would be if everyone had that mentality.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Chinese Food

After being in Vancouver for a good 5 months, I finally had dim sum!! I didn't find it extraordinary or anything memorable, just tasted like Chinese food. And who else should I dine with than a fellow friend from Perth. I could have been inside Northbridge Chinese Restaurant for all I know. Its happened to me a few times before where I forget that I'm in Vancouver, and think I'm back at home. So weird!

Like any other typical chinese restaurant
Egg derrriciousss..
Lunch for two

Then it was time to head to our favourite asian store..TNT!!! If I had my way, I'd open TNT in Australia.

Look at the size of those taros!
A turtle..for real.
From Austalia
A whole entire chicken
Live abalone
Our shopping cart, full of groceries
Waiting for the skytrain..for three whole minutes
Back home
So fun.

And you know what else is fun, not having to work. That's fun. I have a lot of people ask me when I am going to get a job and it seems like everyone is more worried about it than I am. I am not worried because I know in this season of rest, it will prepare me for something great to come.

It's taken me a while to be at peace with not working, because a lot of my own identity was derived from what I did. I mean think about it, when you meet someone, one of the first questions asked would normally be "So, what do you do?" If one person answered "Doctor" and another answered "I don't work", who would you place more value on? Even a "I'm at school" answer shows that they are working towards something and that has value.

That's just the way our society works and its unfortunate because I know so many people out there who don't follow their dreams because they have been told that what they want to be has no value. Its sad really, that's why you see so many people hating their jobs. They see it as a means to an end. I never want to be in that position again and I'm happy taking this time to find out what I want, not what other people want for me. Lets just say I don't work for two years..whats two years in the grand scheme of things? If I live until 80, I'm investing 2.5% of my life to work out what I want to do for the rest of it...pretty good investment of time if you ask me.

I am really blessed that I find myself in a community where people are not afraid to follow their dreams, not afraid of failing, not afraid of what others think. It truly inspires and encourages me to see so much entrepreneurial spirit in every direction I turn, to watch people fulfil their dreams. It makes me want to chase mine even more.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

50 Random Facts about me

1. I don't like snails.
2. The only concert I have ever been to is Justin Timberlake.
3. I am a lightweight. It took me only two shots once before it was game over.
4. I love playing board games, especially when I win.
5. Every time I go back to Malaysia, I have to eat at this place called 'Under the Tree'. Its located under a tree.
6. I love gazing at the stars.
7. My favourite chocolate is dark chocolate.
8. I shovelled snow off the footpath around my house for the first time two days ago, and I am still feeling the pain.
9. My grandma rides a motorcycle
10. I get cold really easily
11. Melbourne is my favourite Australian city
12. I want to travel around Europe for my honeymoon. 3 months. Minimum.
13. When my brother was a baby, he fell off the bed when I was suppose to be watching him. Oops.
14. I love America. I love LA. I love their accents.
15. My favourite childhood memory was running through the sprinklers in summer.
16. I miss my family and friends in Australia
17. I am unemployed and I am not worried.
18. I am scared of heights.
19. I broke my back once.
20. I get bruised easily
21. I love having good conversations
22. I think I only want two kids
23. Going to the beach on a warm night and dipping my feet in the water is one of the best feelings in the world
24. I like baking
25. I got stung by a jellyfish, stepped on by an elephant, bitten by a dog. I don't think animals like me very much.
26. I am currently hungry but too cold to get out of bed. Refer to #10.
27. I keep all the birthday cards given to me.
28. I love ice cream. Especially the chocolate-y flavoured ones.
29. I think avocado and honey on toast is great.
30. I use to go for runs on my lunch break. They were more like short sprints of 100 metres or less.
31. Red bull gives me wings.
32. I really miss my parents' home cooked food. Somehow, mine just doesn't seem to compare.
33. I prefer reading books to watching movies.
34. I don't like rollercoasters. I am the person who will stand there and hold everyone else's stuff for them while they go on.
35. Babysitter's club was my favourite series to read when I was younger. It inspired me to babysit but that dream was squashed when I realised no one would really trust a thirteen year old with their baby in the real world.
36. I sit funny, with my legs spread out in an M shape.
37. I like considerate people.
38. I watched five seasons of The Office when I was in hospital. I think I was the only person in the ward laughing out loud.
39. I am strong willed. Some may call it stubborn.
40. I have never smoked
41. I get excited by little things. Like riding the yellow school bus.
42. Ironing is the worst chore ever. Hence, I only wear clothes that don't require ironing.
43. I think adding hot sauce to any dish will instantly make it ten times better
44. I believe I live in abundance
45. The child I sponsor from the Phillipines is really cute
46. I prefer noodles over rice
47. I currently live with six girls. Its fun.
48. I have two degrees - Arts and Commerce and four major - Linguistics, Communications, Accounting and Finance. Overkill much?
49. I don't like gardening. Actually, I've never gardened in my life but I think thats a safe assumption to make.
50. The best feeling is knowing that there is no place you'd rather be in the whole world.