Tuesday, October 4, 2011

And so it begins..again

I am talking about packing. The bane of my existence. I would wait until the very last minute where I had no other choice before lugging out the old suitcase. Packing is not suppose to be hard, but being indecisive by nature, it made the task extremely difficult.

What I am surprised about is how its actually possible to pack your life in a suitcase. Something I done this time last year and now I am about to do it again. As I pack, I question 'Do I really need this?' 'Would I really wear that?' 'This is cool...but takes up half my suitcase'

The plethora of cards I've collected since the beginning of time
How about my fav books? C'mon..I know you have a set too.
My soft toys

See, I don't need these things. In fact, they're not even very practical but it's just stuff I like to have. Let's not even get started on my clothes and make up.

Make up...the other half in my bathroom and bedroom. Why do I even have so much?! I barely wear any. I attribute that to my hoarding tendencies.

Half way there...
And to complicate matters even more...I found half my clothes in my other wardrobe I completely forgot about. There were times when I wondered, 'Where are those black shorts?' or 'What happened to my jeans?' but I thought I gave them away. Alas!! They are found!! Which means even more decisions to be made on what I should bring back with me!

I do find packing quite stressful actually and that's why I am starting a good FOUR days beforehand. It'd be interesting to find what I do end up bringing ;)

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