Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Land of giant things

It was the first time I've been to the states since I've been back. As always, it was super duper fun. We left Vancouver around 1ish in the afternoon and I got home at 1am in the morning. And still, we didn't find time to go to Target or Trader Joe's =(

That's ok, the gigantic portions and cheap groceries made up for that:

Yes, that is ONE slice of cake.

10 pizzas for $10
I know I post lots of photos of food and groceries but I never cease to be amazed on the stuff they have there. Seriously, I ordered a mini caesar salad at dinner (it was only $2!!) and it was the size of a normal salad. Caaaraazzzyyy... And I got a two large bottles of contact solution for $7! It's so ridiculous because that's the price I paid for one small bottle in Perth.

But I have to reduce these trips, I have been so busy the moment I arrived back. Yeah, sorry I haven't been blogging for a while. I left my camera charger in Australia so I can't take photos at the moment. I was suppose to buy one when I was in the States but ran out of time =(

Don't ask how we ran out of time after spending 12 hours just happens!!

Every. single. time.

Next time I'll blog about something that doesn't require pictures...but I so wanna put up pics of Vancouver in fall. It's so beautiful..different coloured trees lined up the streets with leaves on the floor. It is SO nice....I love fall!!

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