Thursday, October 13, 2011

No more long flights!!

Finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy......... I am back in Vancouver and it feels good. After 24 hours of travelling, I can relax. Oh, did I mention I am in Starbucks because I left my keys at home and waiting on my roomies get back to me. LOL. But even that can't phase me right now.

Malaysia was awesome fun. Eat. Shop. Sleep. That pretty much summed up my days.

I love being up in the clouds

Sums up my thoughts on Malaysian food

I had ice kachang every day!

I sure do

My final feast prepared by my aunt!

Airplane food..doesn't quite compare right?

 As awesome as the food was, it spending time with my family that made my time there so memorable.

Dad's side of the family

Mum's side of the family

So adorable!!!!!!


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